Saturday, March 24, 2007

zOMG Turtles!

TMNT Siloette
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I love the Ninja Turtles. If there's one thing that will put an end to the pirates VS ninjas arguments, it's them. I've loved them since I was a kid (And being the hyperactive little thing I was you can only imagine what I would do after watching a Turtles cartoon). From figures to comics to movies, I had a butt load of the green related stuff (Most of which I've lost, which makes me want to cry).

Now, most of the new Ninja Turtles productions have been rather crappy. From the live action TV show they made where they tried a lady turtle, to the new cartoon (Who's visual style I REALLY like, but still sucks because it's pretty badly written and uninteresting). So when I first heard they were making a new turtles movie, well I was a little worried. More excited than worried though. Extremely excited. Last night it premiered in theatres. Last night the Turtles rocked our socks. zOMG I love the Turtles....Still.

The visual style of the film is just fantastic. It's really reminiscent of the comics, and it's incredibly well animated (And I always find myself picking apart CG films from a visual standpoint). The voice acting is top notch, even going so far as to have the actor who played Leonardo in the original film back as Leo again (Even if Sarah Michelle Gellar did the voice for April...Ok she did a good job I'll admit it). And though I thought that the story would be so dumb we would love it only because the Heroes in a Half Shell were in it, even the story kicked ass. It even has continuity with the other three films. <3.

Go see it. Go see it ASAP. And take me with you! <3 the Turtles.

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