Thursday, March 1, 2007

A plan

Well, It think I have a plan now. On Tuesday I went back to my high school, Walter Murray, and had a meeting with my old guidance councilor, Mr. Humbert. We talked about a bunch of things, mostly what I was talking about earlier in the week about university and things. He game me some great information, and told me to check out a website that the high school uses to help students get information on careers and things like that, called Career Cruiser. Well I checked it out, and after going over alto of information, having it tell me what I'm good at, and thinking about things for the past couple days, I think I've got a plan together.

I'm going to go to university to get a degree in computer science. From there I could probably go alto of directions. I could get a job working as a computer support person (A fancy term for the IT guy in an office or something like that), work as a repair technician, some sort of software dude, or, and this is what I think I'm really hoping for, move into education teaching computer-type courses, like Comp Sci in high school, work as some sort of instructor type dude in an office helping people learn to use their computers there and getting software going, or do any of those for a while then go back to school and go even farther in education, maybe even become a professor of computer science. How cool would that be?!
So for now though, it's keep on working. I need to get some money built up, which means I need to cut back on my spending some. I might look at working at a place like Nura Net, an Apple Authorized Service Provider that also does retail work for Appley things. Who knows, but the plan is somewhat formulated. Hooray!

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  1. Totally try to get Guus Van de Velde as a prof! And take CMPT 111, it's awesome easy. I did good in it!