Monday, March 5, 2007

St. Practice Day

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Every year since 1993, on the 3rd Friday of every February is the Great Guinness Toast, the largest toast in the world, where people from all over North America, Europe, and lets hope Australia too because I like them allot, gather to raise a glass in the name of good times and great beer. And I missed it.

I missed the Toast last year too, and I swore I wouldn't miss it again. But I did anyway. Damn it all. So I shall swear, nay, PROCLAIM! That I shall not miss St. Practice Day (The day of the Great Guinness Toast) next year!

But that's a long ways off. So lets make up for lost time shall we? March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Not that we need an excuse to drink. But on the 16th I shall be holding my very own St. Practice Day. Not only to make up for missing the last Toast, but to do a little warm-up before St. Patrick's Day. I invite one and all who know how to contact me to do so, as I'll be trying to get a hold of enough ale and stout for all who care to join me. Huzzah!

"Hold your pint high. And look all about,

"A legion of Guinness, the world's favourite stout.

"May you find the true wisdom of what matters most,

"A great pint of Guinness, and a Great Guinness Toast."

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  1. HUrrah first comment well if there's beer i'm in always if there's beer i'm in.