Monday, March 12, 2007


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We went to see 300 tonight, and I've got just one word for it: Wow. Probably the best fight seems in modern cinema, toss in some great acting and dialogue, and a visual feel that is incredibly unique and engaging. In essence, the film is basically a 2 hour fight scene, with a small bit of dialogue and background in the beginning, and then small chunks of the same throughout. But the battles are so well done, and aw striking, you'd never want to change anything. Spears are put through people, arms and legs are cut of. Men are beheaded, and though it sounds gruesome and barbaric, it's all so well done, believable, and works to demonstrate the strength and fines that is the Spartans. Oh, and there's giant elephants. There's regular sized elephants, and then there's giant elephants. These seemed rather giant. And a giant rhino.

Go see 300. Go see it now. I'm not talking to you until you get back from seeing 300. Why are you still here?!

Oh, something completely unrelated. I fully encourage anyone who reads to leave comments, but please leave your name so I know who you are, otherwise it's like there's someone in the witness protection program leaving a comment, and nobody likes those people. I'm sure if they were well liked they wouldn't be in the protection program to begin with, hmm?

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