Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wow. Um...Yeah. So apparently someone from work caught wind of my blog and read through it. Apparently they didn't like what they read. Apparently they brought my blog to the attention of the management at work. Apparently they didn't like me mentioning what I do, or talking about work or things related to it. Apparently I've been terminated. After almost a year and a half of providing great customer service for thousands of white computer users, I was terminated after writing about what I do and who I work for. All comments written, of course, on my blog. My personal web log.

So now what? I'm not sure. I need to find something else to do to earn that valuable and intangible representation of worth (Some people like to call it money). What's on that horizon? I dunno, maybe Nura Net. Maybe OTV, I hear they're looking for support peoples. We'll see.

But what do you think? Questions? Comments? Suggestion? Leave a comment or drop me a line. Lets hear from you!


  1. 'Ey Steve! The Barbs had us all sign one of those little plasic banannas for you. Expect it to be delivered on St Practice Day. Whenever that is. Figure it out!

    Anywho, everybody who's cool here misses you, and wants to know how you're doing. Kathy's stoned on Naproxen and Gravol.


  2. Hahahahahaha, you got fired for your blog? That's fucking hilarious! Well, not for you because now you're a hobo, but still funny. I accidentally typed homo, good thing I fixed it! Can I swear on here? I hope so, because I did! What did you say about your work in your blog? Where you work and that you get stupid people calling? OH THE HORROR!

  3. never ending MatthewMarch 27, 2007 at 9:49 p.m.

    I just browsed your posts and all I could find about your work was that they do crappy scheduling, is that all you had?