Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I finished reading the Halo Graphic Novel today. Great stuff I must say.

The third story in the book is about Sarge, following him as he escapes from the Flood. There isn't any dialog in this story, it's all art. And fantastic art at that, not only does it look great but it really tells the story very well even though there's no words to guide you along.

The last story is about New Mombasa, and what it was like before the Covenant invaded Earth. It also shows that the UNSC was filling earth with allot of propaganda about the war in space before the Covenant got to Earth.

Great art, great writing, great graphic novel. I really hope Bungie decides to pursue future volumes of the Halo Graphic Novel.
I picked up the Halo Graphic Novel yesterday afternoon. It's got 4 stories in it and I've read the first. Each one has a different artist and writer, and all the stories are supposed to fit really well within the Halo universe, and really give alot of insight.

The first story, the one I've read, is about the Covenant Elite known as the SpecOps Commander (He was the elite in white armour that assisted you as the Arbiter in Halo 2) and his first encounter with the Flood. The art is very good, and the writing is top notch.

The second story, which I've read the first page of, is about the development and testing of the Mjolnir Mark IV armour. It's a very different art style that the first story, but it equally as well done and the writing seems to be just as good.

I haven't read any farther than that yet, but so far I can say that it's going to be a very well done book. In the forward it's said that they didn't want to make comic that would just ride on Halo's wake or just be random stories and characters that didn't matter. They wanted to make something cool. So for I'd say they did a damn good job.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

I want to go to university. The problem is I don't know what I want to go to university for. Pretty much all the friends of mine who've gone to university or presued other post-secondary education went with a pretty realized purpose. Pharmacy, paramedic, teaching. But I have no idea what I want to do. How did they know? They didn't just decide over night. And I'm pretty sure it would be a bad idea if I tried to do that. All I really know is that I want to go to university. Partly just for the sake of going. But I don't know what to go for, or what I want to do in the future. Do I want to be a teacher? A computer technician? A factory worker? I've always joked around that I want to be a professors of philosophy, sometimes it just seems silly, other times it seems like a pretty good idea. But who knows. I'm told that no matter what you do when you go to university, you pretty much go though 1-year of Arts and Science, kinda to see if you actually want to be there, and kinda to see if they want you around at all. I got to thinking tonight and it might not be a bad idea to do just a first year Arts and Science thing. Just to see what it's like, to have gone, and to have something to do. That's one of the biggest problems I have with where I'm at right now, I don't really have anywhere to go besides to work, and I'm going no where at work. If I went to university or some other 4+ year learning commitment, at least that's 4 years where I don't have to worry about what I'm doing or where I'm going, it's pretty planned out. But where do I go after that? And what am I studying for those 4+ years? I put in a call to my high school guidance councillor tonight, and I'm hoping I can talk to him about this stuff, I'm sure he can give me some information or direction. Maybe I can do the first year university thing and then go from there. Right now it's the closest thing to a plan I've got. If this was the 24th century this would be easy! I'd just join Star Fleet! Pretty much the only thing I know for sure is that I don't want to join the army. I certainly don't want to see combat, though I'm told if I join the reserves they ask if you want to go. But I don't think I could join the military. I don't do well when people are yelling at me. Oh well.

Metroid Metal

Metroid Metal
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A new Metroid Metal track was released this weekend, it's the Prelude / Theme from super Metroid. The track basically continues the tradition of Metroid Metal by taking the title theme from Super Metroid as well as the Prelude theme, putting them together and rocking out. Great stuff as always.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Nummber 23
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I went to see The Number 23 tonight. The film stars Jim Carey in probably his most well acted role to date. The film follows Jim's character Walter Sparrow as he dwells into the enigma that is the number 23, and slips into insanity as he slowly unravels the mystery that consumes him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and even though the year is young, it's certainly due to be one of the best films of 2007. I highly recommend this film to anyone with a theatre in their area, definitely worth the $9.75 admission price.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Siamese Guards

Siamese Guards
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I really enjoy playing Oblivion, it's a very well done game with a wealth of content and exploration. Sometimes funny things happen though. I give you the Siamese Guards guards!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Silica Gell to the EXTREME

Silica Gell to the EXTREME
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I guess sometimes a regular silica gel pack or two just don't cut it, and you need silica to the eXtreme. I forget what exactly this thing game in, but as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to take a picture.


I work tech support. Sometimes it's great fun, sometimes it's the worst time ever, but most of the time it's somewhere in between. They outsource all their tech support though (Don't act surprised), so the company that handles that out here determines our work schedules. And they do a bit of a crappy job of it. I've been working in the call centre almost since it opened, so I'm one of the senior agents around, but they still see it fit to schedule everyone like they've been working for a week. Rarely will you be lucky enough to get the weekend of for more than a week in a row, and rarely will I be scheduled to get home earlier than 8:00 PM. So I work a split shift. The hours bite, but I get the weekend off at least. I work 8am to noon, then 4:15PM to 8:15 PM. So I've got alot of time in between those shifts. Sometimes I do little to nothing, but sometimes I find neat little things to amuse myself with. Today I found something quite neat. I found a series on YouTube called "I.". It's pretty interesting

"A video blog takes over a young man's life. A continuing interactive web series where subscribers' comments can affect the story."

Basicly, it's comparable to the Truman Show (The 1998 Jim Carey film), except that rather than the subject being oblivious to the cameras and the audience watching him, he's the only one who knows what's going on. It's a very well done series, and is very interesting. I really recommend checking it out.

Here's the first episode of I. You can find all the episodes on the I. channel here. Enjoy!

First post!

G'day. Well, I guess this is the beginning. Of the Chronicles that is. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Who knows. But isn't that the beauty of it?

Anyways, that's enough of that.