Thursday, February 22, 2007


I work tech support. Sometimes it's great fun, sometimes it's the worst time ever, but most of the time it's somewhere in between. They outsource all their tech support though (Don't act surprised), so the company that handles that out here determines our work schedules. And they do a bit of a crappy job of it. I've been working in the call centre almost since it opened, so I'm one of the senior agents around, but they still see it fit to schedule everyone like they've been working for a week. Rarely will you be lucky enough to get the weekend of for more than a week in a row, and rarely will I be scheduled to get home earlier than 8:00 PM. So I work a split shift. The hours bite, but I get the weekend off at least. I work 8am to noon, then 4:15PM to 8:15 PM. So I've got alot of time in between those shifts. Sometimes I do little to nothing, but sometimes I find neat little things to amuse myself with. Today I found something quite neat. I found a series on YouTube called "I.". It's pretty interesting

"A video blog takes over a young man's life. A continuing interactive web series where subscribers' comments can affect the story."

Basicly, it's comparable to the Truman Show (The 1998 Jim Carey film), except that rather than the subject being oblivious to the cameras and the audience watching him, he's the only one who knows what's going on. It's a very well done series, and is very interesting. I really recommend checking it out.

Here's the first episode of I. You can find all the episodes on the I. channel here. Enjoy!

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