Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday, MONDAY!

Another week another recap!

Things are getting pretty slow at work right now. If there isn't anything for me to really chew on tomorrow I'm going to get John to find something for me. With my luck it's going to be something terrifying.

We had a farewell potluck for Bob today. He's resigning as the associate director of IT at the end of this month. Bob is pretty awesome, so I hope I see him around. He's still super involved with the Jazz Festival, so I'm sure I'll see him there. The potluck was pretty amazing today, people really stepped up. Well except for Quentin and I. We totally dropped the ball. So I ended up bringing plates and cutlery from the cabinet and he went with John and got more plates and pop or something. But everyone else was wicked awesome. I can't even begin to list what was made. I ate waaay too much. As always with the potlucks. I think the best part is always the food brought by our fine friends from the middle east. They know how to eat. Spices! I could seriously eat that all the time, it's no wonder they've become so known for their cuisine.

And of course Chelsea and I exchanged more ridiculous emails throughout the day. Makes it go by super fast. Until she had to leave early at 3:30, then I was left to my own devices. Testing a machine role is only so interesting.

Taught Will how to drive stick some more this evening. But first we went over to my parents place to give mom back her knives that Will had sharpened for her, he's good at that, and I gave her our damage cheque since she paid the whole thing at our old place. Also looked at some of the bikes my parents still had and did a little work on my dad's old bike and brought it home so I can start biking to work soon. I should be able to leave the house later in the morning and I'll be getting exercise. It's win win.

I tried taking Will to the exhibition grounds to practice driving stick, but they were all locked up. So we started out by Diefenbaker instead. Drove around there a bit, gave him some pointers, and got him to start smoothing out. He's getting a lot better pretty quickly. We hit the streets and he was doing super good. Only a couple stalls! Still needs more practice shifting, but he's pretty much got the ideas down. We stopped in at Dave's because we were in the area and I forgot my earbuds there on Friday. We ended up watching the end of Fright Night with him and Rhiannon, and then watched an episode of Hoarders. I'm not so bad.

Not much after that. Saw some epic lightning inside a giant cloud in the distance, so I dug out my rain coat. I tried finding it this morning but failed. Found it tonight, though, so that's awesome. Now I'll be prepared for the worse. Well except I forgot to make lunch again. Damnit. Gotta get on that.

Will's going to run me tomorrow. He's going to help me start eating better and exercise more. He runs so he's going to help me on that, and now that I've got a temporary bike that'll help also. We're going to sit down at some point and come up with some meals that I'll ALWAYS be able to make, and a grocery list to go with it. Set up a meal plan and try and stick with it so I always know what I can eat and have the stuff to make it with. I think it's a good step int he right direction. It isn't even about losing weight or looking better for me. It's about feeling good. I don't feel good these days, I don't have a lot of energy, and I can't do things for the length of time I feel I should. I need to reverse that before it gets too difficult. I should be in my prime but instead I'm just sitting about. A fix is at hand. I'm dreading it, but I know I need it. This is going to really suck...

Skype date with Tabi tomorrow! Excited! I'm passing through Calgary on Thursday, but I'll be missing her then. Hopefully we can meet up on Friday on the way back through. Nick and I still haven't worked out our details yet, all that's for sure is that I'm driving to Revvy on Thursday and we'll probably figure things out from there. Erik is super excited and so am I. I can't wait to see him and Liz and Tony. I miss those guys. I'm also hoping to have a visit with the family out in Calgary while I'm in town, too. Lunch probably won't work out since it's Thursday afternoon, but maybe Friday night or Saturday morning. Saturday morning would be pretty sweet. I'll have to give them a call soon.

That's all for now. Time to take a quick look at the internet and then get some sleep for tomorrow. For it's another day!

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