Thursday, June 16, 2011


Wow, second day and I already forgot. I'm a champ. Alright, let's just pretend it's Wednesday...

Today was pretty decent. Was not recovering from my time hanging out with Mr. Jack Daniels, so that was a plus. Had to redo some of the work we did on Tuesday because Q missed some and mislabelled other, and then there was just a bunch of ones we didn't do because we didn't think we had to but we really did. Also we spent all morning dealing with spam because of of the store keeper's email was compromised. Between trying to figure out how and dealing with scared users and users who wanted to give us a friendly word up, it was fun juggling. Nothing too bad though and it's all back in order. We're awesome.

I can't remember what I did all afternoon anymore. That's why it's important I do these on time... Lots of silly emails all day long, though. Purposely silly. Super awesome fun time. It made the whole day go by super fast, so that was a definite plus. Then right at the end of the day one of our sustainability officers (I swear sustainability just likes making trouble for me. You know who you are....) had a seemingly simple issue sending an email that turned into a total rebuild just to cover our bases to make sure her machine wasn't compromised. I don't know how people are installing some of this software. We had to set up a specific policy to prevent Chrome from launching because all these security issues we've been having are directly rooted in people installing Chrome without authorization in their local profiles. So we brought the hammer down on that.

The evening was pretty good, too. Made perigees and fried them with onions all proper like. Very super tasty. Then I got on the phone with Tabi again to help her set up her emails on her new iPhone. Which was interesting. The account I thought would be easy was hard and doesn't work yet, and the one I thought would be hard ended up setting itself up. So neat? I also got her to download Tiny Wings because it's the most fun I've had with an iPhone game and it's also the most adorable thing ever. I don't know how anyone could not love it. For real. Best thing ever.

I also don't remember what I wrote about yesterday so if I repeat.... Meh!

Might be going to Calgary next week to pick up Nick on his journey back to Saskatoon to visit. I'm pretty excited about that. Erik wants me to just keep driving through to Revy since it's only an extra 4 hours. Not out of the question. Drive to Calgary, visit Tabi and anyone else who wants to have lunch or something, then just keeeeep on going. Could be fun. Haven't decided the details yet. Just going to Calgary and meeting up with people for lunch and bringing Nick home would also be fine. Nick and I are supposed to get online now that he's got internet again and figure it out. We'll see what happens.

There's a midnight screening of Ninja Turtles at the Broadway Theatre this Friday. Definitely going to make it for that. Will is down, I'll see if I can form a small posse. I'm pretty excited. The first Ninja Turtles movie is one of my favourite movies of all time. Like actually. And I'm not ashamed of it in the least. Screw you guys who think otherwise. I'm awesome.

Then battlefield and bed. Things got pretty boring when I got off the phone with Tabi. So nothing to really report there.

Well I did get all caught up watching Red vs Blue. Watched all 8 seasons over the past couple weeks, and the first episode of season 9 this morning. Still pretty funny, and also got kind of epic and interesting at the same time. It's like the Matrix but without all that confusing eastern philosophy BS.

Yeah I think that's about it. I'll do better to keep on top of these things so I don't fall behind. Tonight I'll probably talk about how I had to do yesterdays today. We'll see.

I don't remember how I signed off last time, so I'll just say tah tah for now.


Oh, it rained and thundered and hailed too. I got a couple pictures that I was going to use in this but I'm not on my laptop right now so I'll do it later.

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