Monday, June 20, 2011

Another week, more missed dates

So I guess this will cover Friday and the weekend. Prepare for a long one! (That's what she said)

Everybody's working for the weekend! Well most of us, anyway. Friday was pretty incident free at work. Worked on a user's computer that needed to be rebuilt after a possible intrusion, and sent many a ridiculous email. The biggest thing of note was probably all the rain that appeared that I was in no way prepared for. I checked the weather before I left and it said it was about 12 degrees, so I put on a bunnyhug before leaving. At lunch, however, things took a sudden turn: downpour! Epic downpour. I ran from Geology to FMD and was pretty soaked. It took all afternoon for my pants to dry, and my bunnyhug still wasn't dry by the end of the day. Luckily for me, Chelsea, one of the girls working in sustainability this summer, took pitty upon me and offered me a ride home. Score! She also stole my Zune transmitter. Less score. But I can't really use it very often anyway, the stereo in the Jeep is pretty much broken. Plus if it lets another Zune user enjoy awesome tunes in the best way possible, I'm all for it. Though I forgot it at home today soooo....

I was looking forward to Friday night pretty much all day. Midnight screening of the original Ninja Turtles movie! No rain on that parade. Or WAS there? More in a moment. Through our ridiculous email I convinced Chelsea to come to see it with me. So more score. Now for the rain part.

Will sent me a text from work around 7ish because they lost power and were closing the restaurant soon. They're right next to the Broadway Theatre, which had also lost power. They ended up closing and I went to pickup Will and that entire block on Broadway was completely offline. There was a sign on the Theatre door saying that the 7pm screening was cancelled but their 9:30 was still on. I gave the theatre a call around 10 to see what was up but there was no answer. So Chelsea and I took our chances and, after going on a smartie safari, which was a complete success, we went down the Broadway Theatre and it was awesomely lit up. Super score. Get some tickets, sit down, and watch some shenanigans in the theatre before the movies starts. So many Ninja Turtles in the audience. We sat next to a guy dressed as April O'Neil. And the movie was awesome. It was a weird cut that I've never seen before, though. There were a couple extended scenes, but there were little things missing. Like Mikey's nun-chuck battle, and Splinter's epic final line before killing the Shredder. Chelsea had never seen it before, but these omissions are cause for a rewatch soon.

Saturday we were trying to have a LAN party. Corey Will and I all moved out towers into the dining room and got an epic setup going. And that's pretty much it. Only Nate and David came, and neither had a computer to bring. So there was a lot of Marvel vs Capcom being played while 3 people at a time played Starcraft and I played Battlefield by myself when Corey and Nate played 2v2. It wasn't a failure in that we still had a lot of fun, but it was pretty fail as far as the epic part went. We're going to try again sometime, but this time I'm not going to plan it. No one ever comes when I plan things. So that's Saturday. We played computer games in the dining room. It was fun. We drank some drinks.

Sunday was father's day. I went and got some groceries because I wanted to make Lamb kabobs for dad cause I'm awesome that way. I needed boneless lamb legs. The closest thing I could find was lamb shank. Frozen. On the bone. So I spent an hour, with Will's most appreciated help, cutting meat off of bone. Which I've never really done before, and I'm not sure I want to do again. But it was an adventure. The rest of it was pretty easy and in the end the scheduling of things wasn't that pushed back. Marinated the lamb with peppers in some awesome marinade I made. Took everything over to mom and dad's, skewered meat and lemons, grilled to perfection. I was really surprised how good it was. Not that I doubted myself, but it was pretty amazing. Normally if you ask my dad how something was, he'll say "not bad" if it was alright. I asked him if he liked his father's day kebabs and he said "You know what? That was pretty good! I've never really had lamb before, but that was pretty good". Translation: "Wow. That was awesome". So that's pretty sweet and made me feel pretty awesome too.

I think that about sums up the weekend.


I'm driving to Revelstoke on Thursday to pick up Nick!!! That's super exciting. I'm going to pick him up in Revvy, then we'll go to Calgary, both visit people, and then we'll come to Saskatoon! SO excited. SO EXCITED.

That is all.

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