Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, so this one'll be two days in one. Partly because I didn't type anything up last night, and partly because there wasn't a whole lot to write about, until the evening anyways. Yesterday we left Victoria at around 11, I think, and while we were waiting to board the ferry I checked Facebook, and noticed that Nick had written on our friend Eriks wall, saying he was going to be in Revelstoke. I didn't have a whole lot to do while we waited so I was looking at my maps and realized we would be going right through Revelstoke! Now, I was at least a day behind on my Facebook updates reading, so I thought that Nick was going to be through Revelstoke the next day, and thought it would be really cool if we stopped in Revelstoke the same time Nick was passing though. After some logistical planning, we decided to drive straight through to Revelstoke that day, so we wouldn't lose too much time getting to Calgary on Thursday. That's when the 'not much' kinda took over. Got on the ferry. Took pictures on the Ferry. Got off the ferry. Oh, I played Star Wars Trilogy Arcade on the ferry, that was pretty sweet. But it was rather uneventful. We basically were just driving from there. I did some navigational awesomery to make sure we got on the Coquihalla this time, instead of going around it.

We pretty much drove in a strait line for a while, cell coverage going in and out the whole time. When we were a couple hours away from Revelstoke, I started trying to get ahold of Liz and Erik. All hail Facebook, I was able to get Liz's number and start texting her to try and meet up with them in town. Ah, text tag. After a little bit of back and forth, we got at least a few things worked out, an extra phone number, and some awesome planned out. More strait lines... And then we were almost in Revelstoke! Got mom a hotel room at the hotel Liz works at, and the woman at the counter called her on the radio and then gave me the walkie, and I called Liz to the foyer, that was pretty funny. Got mom settled, got ahold of Erik and he and his friend, who was visiting him from Ontario, make their way to mom's hotel room. Introductions ensued, and before long we were walking downtown to get some supper, we went to an Indian restaurant that also serves German food. Talk about a strange combination :P But it was really good. We took it back to the hotel room, and had to do a little improvising to get enough chairs set up for all of us. Sebastian and I constructed a bench out of two luggage racks and an ironing board. It actually worked really good, oddly enough. Again, goood food. I think I'm starting to grow a good liking to butter chicken.

After supper, we did some figuring and decided that I'd stay at Liz and Eriks for the night. It would give mom a chance to relax a bit, and give me a chance to hang out more, and let the former couch surfers become the couch surfed. Erik had to work during the night, he works the graveyard shift at the front desk of the super expensive hotel at the base of the ski hill, so I hung out with Liz and one of their friends, and Sebastien too when he got home again. We walked around town a bit, and tried checking out the meteor shower. Not much luck on my part, but Liz saw a few meteors in the sky. A good time was had. I think we got home and went to bed at around 3am, a big change from the rest of the trip so far, but it was a lot of fun. Erik got home at 7:30 the next morning, and we started getting out of bed at about 9ish. I'll say this: Liz and Erik have a really comfy couch. It is to be tried. After some more morning hangouts and some pretty great nostalgic video game conversations, we headed back to mom's hotel so we could check her out and get on the road again. We checked out at about 11, and decided to get some quick breakfast at Denny's.

Quick breakfast at Denny's is not what we got. I swear, it took an hour and a half to get breakfast at Denny's from the time we got there to the time we were eating. Erik and I had several rounds of table Jenga, and by the time our food actually came, it was rather disheartening that it was pretty crappy. We weren't exactly impressed. Long wait, poor food. Worse Denny's ever. Avoid it. Plus it put us that much longer behind schedule. So after breakfast, lots of goodbyes were said, and on the road again we were. I think I skimped out on a lot of the details from the Revelstoke hangout, but I'm trying to get two days in this post. Let me just reinforce that it was awesome, and Erik and Liz rule. I hope they read that :P But on the road again we were. And it kinda sucked today. About 20 minutes out of Revelstoke, I lost all cell reception, and we hit construction. We were driving through construction from Revelstoke to Banff. It was supposed to take 5 hours, we left at about noonish. We didn't get into Calgary until about 10 to 7 tonight. Construction all the way. You know what the worst part about being in a construction zone that long is? Not the slow and boring pace (That's actually alright for picture taking), not how behind schedule you get, not anything related to that at all. There's no place you can pull over and go to the bathroom. Anywhere. From Revelstoke to Banff. I'll tell you this much, by the time we were able to stop in Banff, I was racing like a piss horse. Tabi warned me about the construction before Banff but I didn't believe her, I guess I learned my lesson :P

But after Banff the road got pretty good. And then it started raining. Pretty good too. I guess that's my payback for saying to Tabi that at least it wasn't raining when she had car trouble coming into Saskatoon last week. Karma... It wasn't really all that bad, not once we hit the bathrooms, and it was a pretty straightforward drive to Calgary. The only problem is that the reason I wanted to get into Calgary at a decent time on Thursday was to try and hang out with Mike, but we didn't actually start trying to work out hangouts until I was almost in the city. Hindsight is 20/20 though, we'll put some actual effort into it next time. It sucks, but I guess it happens. So we got into Calgary, and after some re navigation (Sheila didn't take us to the right adress for my Aunt and Uncle, so I had to get us to their house the old fashioned way), we arived safe and sound at Aunty Brenda and Uncle Michael's house, just in time for some Chinese food.

And that's more or less the last two days. I'm sure I'll think of little tidbit stories as I talk to people, so ask me! For now it's time to relax a bit, take a look at some computers (There's always an issue for me to figure out wherever I go :P ), and get ready for tomorrow. Tabi and I are going to drive to Dumheller tomorrow, the weather is a little crappy for the Calgary Zoo, so dinosaurs will make a nice substitution. I need to empty my cameras and charge my batteries. Other then that, I'm going to try and get a good nights sleep, probaby on another couch. But oh well, this couch isn't too bad. So I don't mind too much. That's all for now then, hopefully I'll have some more awesome stories tomorrow to recall, I'm looking forward to the day. Tah tah for now.

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