Sunday, August 9, 2009

The adventure continues

We're in New Westminister right now in BC, staying with mom's friend Margaret from back in the school days. Yup, we're sitting in the back yard right now as they reminisce over the old days. Tomorrow morning we'll be leaving bright and early to get down to the German Consulate in Vancouver to submit all of mom's paperwork for this German passport process.

We left Jasper at about 10am today, later than I thought we would get out, but it was nice to be able to sleep in a bit and chat with Shawn and Jen in the morning. It was really cool to sit in the living room, drink morning tea, and just chat. I left Jen with a bunch of my White Monkey green tea as thanks for them letting us stay, and also told them to get ahold of me if they ever need anything with that new iMac of their that they have now. When we tried leaving Jasper this morning Sheila the GPS wouldn't locate the satellites, so I had to do some good old fashioned navigating. Actually I got my iPhone to do most of the work, but I made it sound like I was doing all the work :P We got out of Jasper without much of a problem, and we were on the road once again. Pretty boring for a while after that. I took a tonne of pictures on the road today though, mostly just of scenery as we went past it. Nothing overly interesting, but it gave me something to do as we drove and listened to CBC and podcasts. And then we quested for Tims!

We tried stopping in Kamloops to go to a Tims to get a little coffee and some lunch. That was a mini adventure. Sheila got mad because we weren't going where she was trying to tell us, and I finally put that Timmy Me app on my iPhone to use. Using my keep navigational skills, I got us to Tims where we enjoyed a nice sandwich and Ice Cap. Getting back on the road after that was pretty easy, Sheila was happy that we were finally following her directions, and back on the road we went. Although we didn't quite end up taking the route we thought we would. We had planned on taking the Coquihalla through the mountains to make it pretty easy to get around everything. But Sheila had other ideas. Instead of taking us on the Coquihalla, we ended up taking the side route on the 5 and 3 past Preston. The whole time mom kept telling me how we were on the Coquihalla and I kept telling her that we weren't, and before we knew it we were in Hope and weren't quite sure what happened. But we didn't lose much for time, and got to see some great scenery on the way.

We hit some rush hour traffic when we got to Chilliwack though, which I remember happening when I was visiting Riley while he was living there a couple years ago. Two lanes of almost moving traffic between Chilliwack and I assume Vancouver, we got off the highway so we could arrive here in New Westminister. But we had some fun trying to keep up with a couple recognizable vehicles, and were able to laugh at some stuff on the radio. Rush hour is always more fun when you're making fun of the other vehicles. We got into New Westminister at about 7pm Sask time, which is 6pm local time here. Pretty good I'd say. And a fantastically warm welcome! I couldn't really believe these two, well I guess I can. They've been acting like long lost school girls since they got together. Which I guess they are, haha. We had a fantastic supper, made by Margaret's husband Brian. Homemade caesar salad, poached salmon, steaks, and slow baked potatoes. Mmm mmm, it was tasty. Also, we've had about two bottles of sparkling red wine. Also very tasty. We've been sitting out here in the back yard since supper, they've been catching up and I've been chilling out with some Wi-Fi. Talked to dad and Collin on the skypes for a bit, read some articles, some Wiki. Actually not much out of the norm. Well, other than writing all this. Which hopefully will become the norm. I'm actually pretty surprised at how much I've been able to squeeze out of today, it's been pretty boring considering. Much more should happen tomorrow. But that's probably about it for now. I'm going to make sure all my batteries are charged up for tomorrow, I don't want my camera to die again while I'm using it. So tah tah for now, hopefully tomorrow's exploits will end up being much more interesting. Again, take a look at all the twittering, I'm sure there will be a lot more since we'll actually have cell service the entire time. I need to stop dragging this on. BYE!

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