Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transformers, in a word, is crazy awesome

Yes, in a word, crazy awesome. "But that's two words, Steve!" That's right, but that's how awesome it is. It defies rules. Those of us who loved the transformers as kids have grown up (Well at least a little, on the outside anyways), and while many of our childhood favorites haven't, Transformers finally has. Like us, it's now bigger, louder, and knows how to kick some ass.

Though the perspective of the film changed from that of the robots themselves to the humans caught in between their conflict, that only makes it that much greater. When we were kids it was all about giant robots beating each other up, and it still is. But like I said, it's matured just as we have, and we also are shown the human side of things as we're stuck in the middle of this outer worldly conflict, and the true scale of things become greatly apparent.

Man VS Machine: Awesome
Man VS Man: Crazy
Machine VS Machine: Crazy Awesome

Go see Transformers. Go see it 10 minutes ago, and tell me that you're going, I'll go too. Transformers deserves my attention for more than just the 2 1/2 hours it took to watch it. Watch it again and again, and then go get some toys and geek out with glee. Go now!

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