Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

I just got home from seeing The Bourne Ultimatum. And I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. I never say the first two in theatres (at least I'm pretty sure I didn't...), but I know I watched them on the movies channels, and I really like them.

Ultimately, I think that The Bourne Supremacy is the best of the three (but it's pretty common that the middle chapter of a trilogy be strongest, ala Empire), but Ultimatum was still very very good, bringing a nice close to the trilogy (Both the director Doug Limen and Matt Damon have expressed a strong wish to keep it a trilogy and not adapt the remaining two novels, though it could happen. You never know), but still leaves you wanting more. Hopefully this want for more will cause people to read the novels, but who knows.

The film shares the same pacing, excellent writing, and riveting camera work as the previous films do, and that's a fantastic thing. The Bourne films have never felt too fast, too slow, to chaotic or too dull. The cast and crew do a marvellous job of making the world and story very believable and engrossing, and as with the last films there wasn't a moment I didn't have my eyes on the screen watching intently trying to take in everything I could. In my opinion, the Bourne films have been nearly a masterwork in film making. Nearly everything is spot on all of the time, the fight choreography is fantastic, the sounds and lighting are highly immersive, and the characters truly come alive. There is scarcely a film these days that can make you care for a single character as much as one could care for Bourne. After all, he just wants to know who he is. And in the end, isn't that what we all want?

Until next time, keep your toboggan on the hill.

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