Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nothing beats friends and beer

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Unless of course it's friends with beer. Or beer with friends. Either way, you're in good hands.

So last Friday was the last day of finals for a few of my more edumicated compadres, so to celebrate we had a minor get together. Starting with a little Battlefield fun down at the Cove with Matt and Terry, we headed down to the Keg with a gift card that Terry "found" that had a whole $60 on it. Mmm, tasty. Gotta love rib eye steaks and beer. From there we went and grabbed Mike, who wasn't in the best of shape after not doing too well on one of his finals (Don't worry Mike, we know you're awesome), and it's off to Bailey's!

First time I've been to Bailey's,it's a pretty nice looking place on the inside. But what's this business where they make you check your bunny hug? Pfft! So a round of Kokanie later Mike's more than a little tipsy, and I've got a nice Guinness buzz going. Another pint later and Mike's a little MORE than a little more than tipsy. But he found the bathroom! A schooner later and I think he's about had it. And he wondered off.... For like 20 minutes and we have no idea where he went, so we just stay where we are with a couple of Terry's pharmaceuticals friends (Nice peoples) and eventually Mike comes back.

Long story short, a trip outside and a confrontation with a bouncer later Riley and Dan make their way over to enjoy the funness that is whatever we're doing, and a schooner later (for Riley this time, we cut Mike off good), we're all singing and having a grand 'ol time.

Soon enough though, we're on our ways home. I gave Matt, Terry, and Mike rides home and then headed over to Riley's to watch Tron for the first time. I love Tron. Tron kicks ass. I should have watched it way sooner. Next on my list: Dune and Blade Runner.

All in all, definitely a fun night, and I'm looking forward to doing it again. And I think Matt owes me a campus tour...An EPIC campus tour! Mwahahaha!

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