Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A learned man

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So, about 2 weeks ago I went down to the University to see if their dental and orthodontic students would work on my head (Which went pretty well by the way, looks like there's a good chance they will), I also stopped by the Admissions building (Handy folks) and got some information about enrolling for learning in the fall. Got my transcripts and everything into them, and about a week ago got a letter from them!

Dear Steven,
Sorry bud, you missed getting a grade 12 science. You lose at life. Or do you?

That is to say, I don't. Though I'm deficient a grade 12 science (Technically a natural science or a fine art), there's a very handy program called the Arts and Science Transition program. It's set up for students with a grade 12 average over between about 70 and 60 (I think), or those who are deficient a class (That's me!). So in light of this new discovery we took another trip down to Mr. Humbert at Walter Murray. He thinks that this program is the best thing since boxed pie crust (Much better than sliced bread, for the record), and wishes that everyone HAD to go though this for a year before going head first into higher learning.

Basically, program is the full fledged Arts and Sciences program, but for the year you can only take up to 18 credits (The minimum to be a full-time student), and you also take a class called Campus Life 101 (The class is open to everyone, but it costs $50 normally and is optional, where it will be free for me and I have to take it) that teaches you all sorts of handy things, like how to properly write essays (Something I suck at) and how to write papers and do other collagey things. The program is also supposed to have some of the best proffs teaching in it, which kicks big butt. Best part is, with this as my first year of University, the second year is right onto the main campus and I can pretty much do anything from there. Higher learning here I come!

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  1. Dude, so awesome! You may know your way around already, but if not I can give you an epic tour of the University, you know... teach you the secret ways, show you the good bathrooms...