Monday, September 10, 2007

Mmmm, MacBook

It's here! The MacBook is here! And how awesome is it? In a word, crazy awesome. Yes that's two words, but as we've gone over before, it's just that good. So sleek and sexy. I've not officially joined the cult of Apple. And you know what that means? More Apple stickers! Well, besides that, it also means that I've got my laptop for school, as well as a sexy black MacBook, and even less importantly, I've got all the free tools I need to try and get my podcast going. So hopefully we can start to see that soon, possibly a vlog will be started tonight that will show up here from the magic land of YouTube. Who knows. Oh well, time to keep getting things set up. And I'm hungry, so I think I'll get some food. Good day, eh?

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